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Royal Story: A Farewell to Friends

Hello Kings and Queens,

it's been a fantastic 3 years but it's time to officially close down this little site. I first began chronicling Royal Story when Castleville Legends first shut down. For several years,  I posted sneak peeks, full guides, and early walk-throughs of events that had yet to debut in the live game.

December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017

Royal Story, Facebook games, Princess, Corn field
Princess overlooking a corn field
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

Royal Story Free Daily Gifts

These links are provided by the game developers from their fanpage. I've only collected them in a easy list for you to click on in one spot. Keep checking back as I update the list. Here are the free gifts for December 1st to current day. These are posted in order of newest to oldest. Remember that you can only collect these once a day BUT the link you choose doesn't matter so long as it's within this month. Enjoy your Royal Story free gifts!

Get Free Buffalo Milk ►

Get Free Energy ►

Get 2 Christmas Balls ►

Get 6 Rambutan for Free! ►

Get 2 Little Magic Dust for Free! ►

Get 6 Energy for Free! ►

FREE Get 5 Super Fertilizers  ►

FREE Get 6 Rainbow Rays  ►

FREE Get 6 Wheat Flours ►

FREE Get 1,000 Coins ►

FREE Grapes ►

FREE Horse Hair ►

FREE Super Watering Can ►

FREE Corn Flour  ►

If you liked the daily gifts page please consider supporting the site either by temporarily disabling ads or if you're going to shop on Amazon please do so through my affiliate links. Thank you for the consideration and Happy Playing!


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