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Royal Story: A Farewell to Friends

Hello Kings and Queens,

it's been a fantastic 3 years but it's time to officially close down this little site. I first began chronicling Royal Story when Castleville Legends first shut down. For several years,  I posted sneak peeks, full guides, and early walk-throughs of events that had yet to debut in the live game.

Playing Royal Story on a Mobile Device

can you play royal story on a tablet or ipad
Can you play royal story on a tablet or ipad
Hello Royals,

one of the biggest questions that players of the Royal Story game have is whether or not you can play Royal Story on a iPad or tablet. The answer is a bit surprising considering how popular this game has become over the years.  For the moment, Royal Story is not available for mobile. There is however, a companion application that is designed to help players if the PC is out of reach. Not very many players know about this and that's a shame. Allow me to introduce you to ---

The Royal Story Tool

Although you may not play the game directly with this tool, it is designed to help those that can't be at the PC to play Royal Story. For example, if you are at school but want to send energy to your friends? The Royal Story Tool will allow you to do this and more!

Here's a list of game functions you'll be allowed to do with the Royal Story Tool:

  • Collect various items from your Machines, Animals, Trees, Decorations as well as gather other rewards.

  • Share achievements. The Royal Story Tool allows you to share your achievements with your Facebook friends.

  • Daily Login Bonus. Use the Tool to login and get your Daily Login Bonus. Being out of town is no longer a problem and you won’t miss out on a rare daily bonus item! A notification in your device will remind you to log in. Logging in with your device can get you an extra Ruby Bonus!

  • Send Gifts to your friends. Using the Royal Story Tool also opens up a few exclusive gifts that can only be sent from using it.

  • Direct access to Inbox. A player will be able to receive all gifts your friends have sent and accept new neighbor requests in one or two simple taps. 
The Royal Story Tool is available for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch, and requires iOS 5.0 or newer. The developers are still working on the Android version.

Happy Playing!
Masaya of
Royal Ever After


  1. Hey, girl !! Are any of us ever gonna adapt to no CVL ?? It is now sooo hard to go there to play to the end !! Just makes me to sad !!! Thanks for this answer, hon ! I wondered why I couldn't find it ! I'm goin to see if everyone in my allience will go to cvl on the 30th to have a goin away party !! Also want to remind everyone, if they want, to get some screenshots for memories !! Oh, gee, tear time, again !! 8^(

    1. Hi Karen, (hugs) I feel the same. I don't think the few of us that were loyal to CVL will ever be able to be content with another game. I feel that it was far too unique. Although most players have either quit or moved on to FarmVille 2 Country Escape. I don't think it's the same thing.

      I hope you and your Alliance create fun, everlasting memories on the final day. A huge party sounds like a lot of fun.


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