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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

Royal Story - Master’s Favorites

Royal Story, Wizard, Frog, Blue background

Royal Story on Facebook has a new story quest. Find out who the new Minion leader is in this story. This quest comes after the one with the Tofu trees called “A Mysterious Master”.

Don't fret if the latest RS story quest is not available to you. Keep on progressing with your current story quest, and it will appear at the right moment. Good luck!

Royal Story, Blue Wizard, tan background

Master's Favorites
  1. Harvest 80 Floating Grass
  2. Harvest Rambutan Tree 12x's
  3. Feed Royal Horse 12x's

Royal Story, Blue Wizard, Wizard floating
  Please note: If you already have a Horse Tack Machine, it will count. If you don't have this machine, it will cost you rubies to build it. You can skip this part by clicking "Give Up" on the right, but if you do, you won't receive the Cropinator Wisps.

Watch Your Back
  1. Have a Horse Tack Machine
  2. Craft Horsewhip 20x's
  3. Defeat 10 minions/monsters

Royal Story, Wizard floating, blue cloak

Story Interlude
Royal Story, Goblin holding a mace

Stuttering Stan
  1. Tend Dragon Cave 6x's
  2. Feed Dragon 10x's
  3. Craft Dragon Sambal 10x's

Royal Story, Blue Wizard Floating in the air
Story Interlude
Royal Story, Goblin with arms crossed, tan fedora
Slicky Sly
  1. Fish Salmon 10x's
  2. Craft Banana Scoop Waffle 20x's
  3. Adventure with Mogre 6x's

Royal Story, Blue Wizard, Green Crops
Story Interlude

Royal Story, Goblin, Goblin monster, black cloak
Vampire Vladimir
  1. Tend Super Snapdragon 6'xs
  2. Craft Garnet Pendant 30x's
  3. Craft Dragon Breath 10x's

Royal Story, Old Wizard, Wizard sitting cross legged
Story Interlude
Royal Story, Blue Wizard, Cloaked old man
Tough Thinking
  1. Craft Super Glue 8x's
  2. Feed Sheep 80x's
  3. Harvest Neigbor Crops 100x's

Royal Story, Ingredients, Cooking ingredients

Ingredients for the Super Glue

Royal Story, Tan background, Blue Wizard
Great Party
  1. Craft Rubber Boots 8x's
  2. Complete 6 Solomon Friendly Requests
  3. Fish 20x's

Royal Story, Old Wizard is floating in the air
Feast for Farmers
  1. Craft Farmer's Feast 12x's
  2. Tend Torch Lily 30x's
  3. Craft Super Posy Perfume 12x's

Royal Story, Wizard is wearing a blue cloak
Story Interlude

Royal Story, Green Goblin wearing a black cloak
Vladmir's First Order
  1. Craft Great Minion Cloak 6x's
  2. Use 6 Great Minion Cloaks

Royal Story, Red Roof, crafting ingredients
 Ingredients for the Great Minion Cloak
Royal Story, Goblin monster is wearing a carmine cloak
Story Interlude

Royal Story, Old Man, Old Wizard, Blue cloak

Behind Closed Doors
  1. Tend Crazy Cactus 16x's
  2. Craft Smoked Cactus 48x's
  3. Craft Viper Venom 8x's

Phew, that's a lot of work. The Story will continue soon!

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