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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

Royal Story: Aponi's Time Limited Quest Part 1-5

Royal Story, Indian Girl gasping

Aponi is a friend to both people and cute animals. A part of a tribe of peace keepers it seems their totem pole has been damaged or worse. Will you help her find the totem pole?

This is a time limited quest that rewards unlimited energy for an hour's time. While you contemplate helping her out have a Daily Freebie -

Free Royal Empress Flowers:
Purple Cloud, Blue and Purple Background

Aponi’s Totem Pole TLQ 

All in all this is a 15 part quest which is broken down into 3 sections. There are a few days of waiting time in between the quests or the timer can be bypassed with rubies. If you wait for the timer to tick down the quests will open for free.

Note 1: A new ruby tree purchase is required to do this quest which will cost you 8 rubies. If you happen to have zero rubies look to your castle medals. See what you're close to completing to get a free ruby. Remember to use the medallions(gotten by helping friends complete their orders) to boost your way!

Note 2: This quest covers the HARD version. If your level is lower, your quest will be very similar but much easier.

Indian Tepee placed on green grass
Begin the quest by placing the ornate tepee upon a blank space in your kingdom.

Royal Story, Indian Girl wearing ceremonial dress
Smoke Signs
  • Plant 40 Sugar Cane
  • Harvest 40 Sugar Cane
  • Tend Campfire 3x's

Royal Story, Aponi, Indian Girl smiling
Wet and Green
  • Craft Appletini 12x's
  • Tend Bog Asphodel 10x's
  • Feed Royal Buffalo 4x's

Royal Story, Aponi, Indian Girl is holding a spear in her hand
 Story Interlude
Royal Story, Aponi, Indian Girl, blue water
Adventures with Alligators
  • Harvest 48 Potatoes
  • Adventure with Merella twice
  • Complete 12 Friendly Requests

Royal Story, Indian Girl, Navajo dress
  Story Interlude
Royal Story, Indian Girl, Feather in Hair
Everybody Needs Warmth
  • Buy a Yaupon Holly Tree(8 Rubies)
  • Harvest Yaupon Holly Tree
  • Craft 3 Mixed Woolen Blankets

Royal Story, Indian Girl wearing a dress and holding a spear
Almost at the Alligators
  • Craft Alu Chorchori 8x's
  • Craft White Drink once

Royal Story, Cooking Ingredients
 Ingredients for the Alu Chorchori and the White Drink

Royal Story, Indian Girl wearing a tribal dress
 Congratulations you've finished the first part! Now you can wait 4 days for the next quest to open up or bypass the timer with rubies to continue. I'll post the second part very soon!
Royal Story, campfire, shining lightning bolt, tepee
Reward for completing Part 1-5
  • 15 Infinite Energy Chips

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