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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

Royal Story: Altessa's Quests & Animal Sale

For a limited time Altessa's Biography Quests are FREE to play. Take advantage of this offer to get her quests done before the timer ticks to zero. If you've finished all of her chapters, there won't be a chance to play them for free as this only pertains to those that haven't gotten her quests done.

 For a limited time there is a super sale ongoing in the market for a ton of adorable animals. This sale won't last long so I hope you saved up your rubies.
Here's a list of what is available:

  • Baby Knight Rhino
  • Baby Pioughing Cow
  • Ice Golem
  • Baby Egyptian Cat
  • Baby Mozart Giraffe
  • Baby Brown Sheep
  • Baby Squirrel Couple
  • Baby Grass Goat

The Baby Squirrel Couple and Ice Golem are two of my favorites. Remember that the Ice Golem does not require Baby Bottles to feed.

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