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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

What's New in Royal Story on Facebook

Royal Story Mystical Slots
Photo Credit: Funplus
Hail Princes and Princesses of Royal Story! The month of July is underway with new features as well as rolling out a few old ones. Here's a nutshell summary of the latest news for the Royal Story game on Facebook.

Mystical Slots has returned
Feeling lucky? Then come over and play Mystical Slots! Bet your Jettons and see if you can win the fantastic Elf Coins to speed up your adventures! Mystical Slots will only be online for a limited time.
Party Time on Royal Story
Photo Credit: Funplus

Royal Party is back for a limited time
Didn't get enough Chef's Hats to unlock the Golden Reward in the last Party? Your worries are over. It's high time to place the Royal Table on your Kingdom and throw a Party again! It won't last long though. Remember that you can access your party banquet table from within your storage.Simply use the message center to bring up the menu.
Royal Story QUeztal
Photo Credit Funplus

Cloud Quetzal Potential Reward in Biography Quest
Did you know that you have a chance to get a Cloud Quetzal? How you ask? Open the Gold Coin Egg in the Biography Quests, and she may fly into your Kingdom! If you like her then try to win her before the time is up!
Royal Story Crystal Deer
Photo Credit Funplus

New Summer Items 
Summer is here. Feeling the heat where you are? Then you should come and visit the Shop now. It has just been refurbished with Fairy Summer Items. Time is limited so don't miss out! Seriously, these items are bought with coins, hearts, and shillings. Don't pass up on the cutie crystal deer!

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