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Royal Story: Aponi's Time Limited Quest Part 1-5

Aponi is a friend to both people and cute animals. A part of a tribe of peace keepers it seems their totem pole has been damaged or worse. Will you help her find the totem pole?

Solomon's Biography Quest Chapter 2

Royal Story Biography Quest
Solomon's a Wizard
Hello Royal Story players. Once again we go back in time to see Solomon as a child. He realizes that he's destined to be a wizard but there are many hurdles in his way. Solomon wants to get to Wizard School via Hot Air Balloon! Will Solomon make it to Wizard School? As the Prince or Princess of the Kingdom you must help guide him.

 royal story biography quests

  1. Move Solomon's Cottage
  2. Tend Campfire 5 times
  3. Havest Apricot Tree 17 times

 royal story biography quests

  1. Craft 1 Hot Air Balloon
  2. Complete 14 Friendly Requests
  3. Tend Flowers 50 times

Royal Story on Facebook

  1. Make Thirst Remedy 22 times
  2. Plant 65 Watermelons
  3. Defeat 4 Minions/Monsters

Royal Story Biography Quest
A Mysterious Wizard Appears
Royal Story Biography Quest

  1. Perform 40 Actions in Neighbors Kingdoms
  2. Make Apricot Strawberry Preserves 18 tiems
  3. Sell 70 Cafef Au Lait

A Wizard that grants wishes
Royal Story on Facebook

  1. Make 18 Night Talc
  2. Collect 20 Porcupine Quills
  3. Craft 5 Royal Stamps

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