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Royal Story: A Farewell to Friends

Hello Kings and Queens,

it's been a fantastic 3 years but it's time to officially close down this little site. I first began chronicling Royal Story when Castleville Legends first shut down. For several years,  I posted sneak peeks, full guides, and early walk-throughs of events that had yet to debut in the live game.

Tortare's Biography Quest

Tortare Biography Quest Possible Coffee Machine Reward
 For a limited time the Tortare Biography Quest is free in the Royal Story Facebook game. If a player finishes the quest in time there is a possibility to unlock a new coffee machine as a reward. Here is a complete walkthrough of the tasks that need to be completed.

Tortare Biography Quest
 Here you will be tending dandelions, cooking up Shallow Pit, and harvesting coffee beans.
Tortare Biography Quest
 The second part of the quest we will need to craft Magnifiers, produce Roasted Almonds, and making Golden Grace at Faye's Potion Hut.
Tortare Biography Quest
 Feed your duck(it cannot be Royal), fishing your pond, and make Tortare's Delight in the Magic Kitchen.
Tortare Biography Quest
 Complete Friendly Requests, craft Orange Ear muffs, and produce the new Wisteria Tea.
Tortare Biography Quest
 A brief interlude occurs where Tortare's mother calls for little Tortare.
Tortare Biography Quest
 The scene concludes with little Tortare being a snappy turtle.
Tortare Biography Quest

The final steps will have you fish at your neighbor's pools, harvesting orange trees, and completing Airport Board orders four times. If luck is with you then the coffee machine is a possible reward for completing these Royal Story tasks. Good luck and ----

Happy Playing!


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