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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

Mystery Gifts have Arrived

Royal Story Mystery Gifts 2016
The Mystery Gift event has arrived in our Royal Story kingdoms. This event will last about 18 days. The goal is simple. Send out as many mystery gifts as you can. These gifts can be sent to your current neighbors as well as Facebook Friends.

Royal Story Mystery Gifts 2016
As you send out gifts you will notice a meter with a prize at the very top. Once you have sent out the amount needed you can then claim the pictured prize. First is the Watering Can, then the Fruit+Can, then Fertilzer, Accelerator, Rainbow, and finally the Triceratops.

Note: You can send both Energy gifts as well as Mystery Gifts to neighbors/friends. No need to choose one over the other as both can be sent out. Just remember to not accept neighbor visits before you send out the gifts. This is because the coins given to friends when they visit count as a gift and their name won't be available on the gift list. So it's always best to send out gifts first then accept the visits to your kingdom.
Royal Story Mystery Gifts 2016
A new feature this time around is that a player can "ASK" for mystery gifts to be sent. Mind you, these will count toward your normal requests count. If you happen to need something for a quest and sent out all your requests for Mystery Gifts then you'll have to wait 18 hours before asking again.

Mysterious Blueberry

Royal Story Mystery Gifts 2016

This crop has arrived for a few days with no explaination as to what it is used for in the game. However, it is a limited time crop for now. There is a new event coming very soon, but I have no info on it since it will release at the same time for all versions...My advice here is to plant, and plant, and keep planting until the event arrives. This way you will have a leg up on what comes.

Gifting has changed

Royal Story Mystery Gifts 2016

Regular gifts and help requests will now be found in the Message Center. At the moment, neighbor requests to be a neighbor and posts asking for material like baby bottle posts are still found in the old envelope I'm certain this is because those things are coded into Facebook itself so the Royal Story developers aren't able to bring them all over to the new gift box..

Free: 4 Little Magic Dust

4 Free Little Magic Dust
Click the following link for 4 Little Magic Dust. This link won't last forever so be sure to pick yours up to day.

New Machine: Dried Fruit Machine

Dried Fruit Machine Royal Story

Dried Fruit Machine Royal Story

This machine will cost you 4 rubies as the "Fan" part is not able to be requested nor found in the Market. It comes with several new recipes that use fruits such as kiwi, bananas, and even dates. A little bit irritating is that we also have to request 'syrup' from our friends to be able to use the recipes.

That's it for updates at the moment. Until the next event or newest content patch comes --

Happy Playing!

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