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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

King Jarvis is bringing more content to Royal Story

Tortare Royal Story Special Quest Coming Soon
Photo Credit: FunPlus
Even more new content is immediately on the way in Facebook's game, Royal Story. From special character quests, revisions to the Daily Routine Board, and a new Time Limited Quest(TLQ) the Royal Story adventure continues in our kingdoms.

Let's get to the upcoming changes in store for us!

Tortare's New TLQ

Tortare Royal Story Special Quest Coming Soon

 Perfect temperature and perfect air quality make for a perfect day to relax at the beach. Tortare is calling you to join him! Get yourself ready and stay tuned for the coming quest!

SUBJECT TO CHANGE(It actually depends on your current level)
A new 11-part quest is coming REALLY soon. Available at Level 30+

Part 1
* Plant 30 moonbeams
* Feed adult turtle 10 times
* Craft 3 wood planks

Part 2
* Have a Lighthouse Studio in kingdom
* Harvest cotton trees 6 times
* Collect 30 honey

Part 3
* Tend ponds in Neighbor kingdom 8 times
* Feed Royal rabbits 3 times
* Collect cocoa mixer 2 times

Part 4
* Craft soap 3 times in Workshop
* Harvest 30 eggplant
* Craft 3 Cinnamon Raspberry Cider (4 raspberry juice and 4 cinnamon)

Part 5
* Clear 3 rocks in kingdom
* Fulfill 5 Friendly Requests
* Collect from 15 buildings

Part 6
* Craft 30 cotton cloth in Fluffy Machine
* Craft 4 Cinnamon Raspberry smoothie (2 Ciders and 2 caramel)
* Fulfill 1 balloon order from order board

Part 7
* Craft 20 cornflour
* Craft 5 Sneezing Powder (1 ash and 3 animal bones) in Faye' Potion Hut
* Craft 2 Goldilocks in Ice cream Cart

Part 8
* Craft 5 Cinnamon Raspberry Cake (1 smoothie and 5 banana bread)
* Feed Royal horse 3 times
* Craft 3 hammers

Part 9
* Sent Solomon on 1 adventure
* Tend campfire 3 times
* Craft 30 Dark Truffle Cookies in cookie machine

Part 10
* Craft 6 Night Talc (sneezing powder and fiber boost)
* Built Lighthouse Studio
* Tend flowers 35 times in own kingdom

Part 11
* Craft 4 Itching Powder (Night talc and black thorn rose)
* Fulfill 2 balloon orders from order board
* Tend 3 Royal Outposts in neighbors kingdom

New Max Biography Quest

Royal Story Max Biography Quests
 The second chapter for Max's Biography quest will open around April 11th.

New Changes to the Daily Routine Board

Daily Routine Board changes in Royal Story
 The Daily Routine missions will now feature a few additions such as Friendly Quests, Multiple Choice. There will now be a total of 10 individual tasks to complete.

Crown game of Rubies

Crown game of Rubies in Royal Story
 This is a new feature that will be a limited time game.  What happens is that there are two hats available to choose from and the box the hat is on will have a number of items or animals. The possibilities are randomized.  However, if you choose the hat on the left,  then the FIRST draw is free. If you continue choosing from the left side then each additional draw will cost a total of 8 Rubies. Meanwhile, if you choose the hat on the right the first draw will cost a whopping 28 Rubies.
Royal Story Clow Hat Game
 Here's an example of the possible rewards from the Hat on the left.
Animals & Items: Sloth, Owl, Cat, Dog, Seal, Giraffe
Royal Story Clow Hat Game
Animals & Items: Flamingo, Tent, Clown Outfit, Fruit+ Watering Can, Elf Magic, and Mr. April (This item gives chipped rubies)..
Royal Story Clow Hat Game
 Possible rewards from Hat: Chicken, Penguin, Cow, Panda, Dog, Hen
Royal Story Clow Hat Game

  Possible rewards from Hat: Stallion, Goat, Bag of 6 Tiles (These are walking paths), Bag of 4 Tiles (More walking paths), Circus Tent (requires 4 plank, 3 silver ore, and 3 rope, 4 neighbors to staff; value 150 CV, collect 2 XP and 300 coin every 5 hours), and Vial of 150 Energy...

So much stuff to do in Royal Story. Sometimes it's hard to keep up but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy Playing!

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