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December Daily Gifts for Royal Story

Daily Gifts for Royal Story on Facebook for December 2017
Royal Story players are you a fan of bonus links or Royal Story daily gifts to help you progress in your game? Look no further for here is a new list for you.

The Wisteria Content Update for Royal Story

The Wisteria Content Update for Royal Story
Photo Credit: FunPlus

Hello Royals,

FunPlus has released its latest content update. This new update is as usual a big one that brings many new additions to our gameplay, machines, and a new building for Deep Sea players. I'll post about the Deep Sea portion in a second entry since I consider "Royal Story Deep Sea" as an expansion to the base game that we currently play.

New uses for the Wisteria tree 

The Wisteria Content Update for Royal Story
 Did you know that Wisteria can now be used to make some new items? Go and check out Merella's Workplace, Beauty Machine, Perfume Machine and the Tea Machine to discover the New Wisteria Items. It's been a very long wait for this to come.

I'm quite happy to see that the Beauty machine(one of the newest machines available) is getting more attention. I also hear there will be a version of the Beauty machine(Perhaps a Manscaping one) coming soon for the Princes of the kingdom.

The Wisteria Content Update for Royal Story
Merella's Workshop also received new recipes that involve the Wisteria tree.  The Green Vase in particular will be a good one to craft to meet the Daily Routine criteria. I've found there is a lot in Merella's Workshop that is material intensive. It's nice to have extra choices that won't completely empty out our stores of materials.
The Wisteria Content Update for Royal Story

This picture is of the Tea machine and it offers a new Wisteria Tea coupled with Honey and Tea Leaves. Finally, finally a chance to get rid of our Wisteria stock.

Animal Party

Animal Party in Royal Story

The Royal Shop has just been refurbished with a rotating selection of cute animals. Currently there is fluffy sheep, sturdy rhino, or the beautiful Quetzal? If you haven't bought these before(seriously buy the quetzal and push it to royal stage. So many things need queztal feathers in the game) then head over to your Kingdom to check them out now!
Animal Party in Royal Story

Here's a picture of what is available in the rotating selection.The rhino is a recent addition to the game. He'll be called into action for quests in the near future.

New Biography Quests Coming Up

New Biography Quests for Royal Story

Solomon and Max will have new biography quests on April 4th. Bert may have his biography quest open up on April 7th. The biography quests are random requirements for each player. This is why I haven't posted any guides to the biography quests. I will however warn that the quests are meant to be a challenge for all levels of gameplay. When you accept the quests do not get discouraged if you cannot finish them in time. They are meant to be difficult even at the lowest of level.

There's plenty to keep us busy in our kingdoms and even more to come.

Happy Playing!

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