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Royal Story: Aponi's Time Limited Quest Part 1-5

Aponi is a friend to both people and cute animals. A part of a tribe of peace keepers it seems their totem pole has been damaged or worse. Will you help her find the totem pole?

How the Royal Story Subscription works

How the Royal Story Subscription works

Royal Story comes with an option to help support the game developers to continue making new content and quests by purchasing a monthly Royal Story Subscription. A Royal Story Subscription player will get an Exclusive monthly item and 5 daily rubies. As an added bonus, first-time subscribers will also get an extra signup gift.

Don't despair if you do not have the means to afford to subscribe as apart from those items there is nothing different from normal gameplay. However, if you like the Royal Story game I highly encourage players to support it for as long as a player feels enjoyment from it.

Here's how the Royal Story Subscription Model Works

-After subscribing, you will get the Signup gift (only for the first subscription) + 5 Rubies (on a daily basis) + a Monthly Gift (a different item every month). You will receive an email from Facebook informing about the subscription when you sign-up as well as when you unsubscribe.

The Subscription’s validity is one month. It will be renewed automatically every month, unless you cancel it or you don’t have enough balance ($14.99) in the bank/credit card for the next subscription.
Here's how the Royal Story Subscription Model Works

In any case, the subscription will start from the day it is renewed successfully.

 After cancelling, you can re-activate the subscription again. To do so, just open the panel in the game and click "reactivate". Although you will see a panel asking to select the payment method, you will not be charged for this same billing cycle if you already have paid previously.

A thing to note is that a player will always receive their Daily Rubies each 24 hours counting from when a player first got their first Daily Rubies.

If you don't collect the Daily Rubies within the allocated time, they will be accumulated to the next time you login to the game. Always remember to collect your rubies before your subscription is expired.

You can unsubscribe at any time. And you are still able to collect 5 daily rubies until the cancelled subscription expires.

Q: I cannot collect 5 daily rubies from subscription for few days now, why?

A: In this case, it seems that your subscription is expired and was not renewed successfully. Please double check the exact date you renewed it. Subscription's validity is one month.

Q: It's a new month now. Why haven't I gotten this month’s gift yet?

A: You will get the current month’s gift once your subscription is renewed at this month (except after the 28th), rather than the first day of every month.

Q: If I cancel my subscription right now, will I still get daily 5 rubies till the current subscription expire? 

A: You are still able to collect 5 daily rubies until the cancelled subscription expires.

Happy Playing!
Masaya of 
Royal Ever After

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