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Royal Story: Aponi's Time Limited Quest Part 1-5

Aponi is a friend to both people and cute animals. A part of a tribe of peace keepers it seems their totem pole has been damaged or worse. Will you help her find the totem pole?

Everything you need to know about Royalnopoly

 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story
 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story. In case you are new to the game or haven't yet experienced this fun game I will tell your everything you need to know to start playing. First and foremost, although this mini game takes inspiration from the board game, Monopoly, it isn't complex and comes with a twist as it ties directly into our kingdoms.

 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story
 A player starts off with 8 Dice for free. If you would like extra dice then you can buy an extra for 1 ruby. The Royalnopoly mini game does have a set expiration date of about 6 days. When you start the game then you will be given a choice of playing with the "Minion Model" or normal mode.

If you choose Minion Model then you will have a chance to catch the minion as the game AI(artificial intelligence)plays as your opponent. After that, you roll your dice and try your best to capture the minion. At the same time, you want to avoid being captured by it!
 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story
 Should you happen to land and "capture" the minion you will earn a bonus to your coins. However, if the minion captures you then it will detract from your coins. Whether you choose "Minion Mode" or normal mode is up to how comfortable you feel.

Also for the players that choose to play without a minion know that "normal mode" Royalnopoly plays the same as "Minion Mode" but without the added challenge of the minion roaming the board.
 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story

The Royalnopoly mini game is not complex at all. In fact, the most complicated thing is deciding whether to gamble on a heads up/down coin toss. Quests for the mini game consist of feeding certain animals, harvesting trees, or crops.

A thing of note is that If you ever land in "jail" you can either sit in it for the amount of time it shows or you can ask friends to get you out. Luckily all you have to do is select random neighbors and it will get you out without any wait time.

Last but not least, once you use up your dice there is a set time for the free dice to reset. The reset timer is set to about 24 hours.

Royalnopoly Rewards

 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story

Once you've collected enough Royalnopoly coins(this does not take long at all) you can then open up the Shop to pick and choose amongst varrious prizes. Some of the rewards make a comeback from previous games but most do not. Pick wisely!

Royalnopoly Coins can be found in the Currency Tab

 Royalnopoly is back in Royal Story
Also, one last thing to note is that should you not have enough coins from this game then breathe a sigh of relief as the currency does save and rollover to future games. Look to your currency tab and click on the "down" arrow. All of your currency will then roll out for view. The Royalnopoly coins will be on the very bottom.

Good luck and Happy Playing!
Masaya of
Royal Ever After 

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