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Royal Story: Aponi's Time Limited Quest Part 1-5

Aponi is a friend to both people and cute animals. A part of a tribe of peace keepers it seems their totem pole has been damaged or worse. Will you help her find the totem pole?

Mozart Giraffe

Making Music with the Mozart Giraffe

Making Music with the Mozart Giraffe

There's a new friend in our kngdoms called the, "Mozart Giraffe"!  Thanks to FunPlus you can find this musically talented giraffe in his Giraffe Hall.

Making Music with the Mozart Giraffe
 If you are level appropriate(At least Level 25) you will see the introduction to the quest. Click on teh green button and place the Giraffe Hall somewhere on your kingdom.
Making Music with the Mozart Giraffe
 Create his toys and play a concert with him to convince him to stay in your kingdom!
Making Music with the Mozart Giraffe

  1. This is where you will see what the giraffe wants to play.
  2. This is the area where you will create the toys.
  3. And finally, the bar is what you need to fill up to reach various prizes along the way to the Mozard giraffe. 
Mozart Giraffe

When you open the Toy Box(which is the #2 area in the previous picture) you'll be greeted with any of these toys to craft. There are 4 possible slots but only the first 2 can be opened without spending rubies. Open up 2 slots if you can as you'll need them to be able to complete this quest. If you can open up the other 2 it will give you an advantage in completing this quest faster. Even if you don't spend the rubies you'll be able to finish so long as you keep on top of the timer.
Mozart Giraffe from Royal story

Once you've filled up the bar completely then the Mozart Giraffe is yours to keep. The above picture is of his adult and royal stage. As an adult he will give you a giraffe print when fed and as a royal it will give you a giraffe hair.

Good luck and Happy Playing!
Masaya of
Royal Ever After

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